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636752_1378852492.7927_wlDone! After you saved your money, you’ve booked your ticket to escape the monotony of your city!But before you go to your first safari with your latest digital camera or make personal Beijing Express must take some precautions to prevent turista.

*Preparation of a travel

Before the trip, it is very important to be updated at your vaccinations before the big day against these following:
– Polio
– Tetanus
– Hepatitis B
You’ve finally found your health record to a cupboard and you’re awesome day but do not claim your victory too soon, know that there is also a vaccination against specific destinations!
• Yellow fever → for African countries
Regarding yellow fever is an injection which is valid for 10 years. We can not vaccinate children under 6 months.
• Typhoid fever → For Eastern
This vaccine, Vi Typhim is valid for 3 years.
• Cholera → South America
The vaccine protects only 50% and is valid only 6 months.
• Méningicoque → Maghreb, Middle East

• Hepatitis A → Asia
The vaccine protects for about 10 years.

• Malaria
Against malaria unfortunately there is no known vaccine to date!
In the case of malaria? Must go to the doctor who will prescribe treatment before leaving! Beware the anti-malarial treatment is started one week before departure and continue for 1 month after the return!

If you have already reached its destination and have the toes fan at the beach do not panic you still use the net with insecticide. The evening will be necessary to put socks and also if possible a long-sleeved pajamas. Finally, use regularly repellents.
Note that these tips are equally valid prescription of a treatment against malaria.

Emergency kit

In your kit you should find:
– Antiseptic for small or large wounds of all kinds
– Anti-diarrheal for water in some countries may be infected by the turista
-Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, aspi-venom in case of bites of bizarre creatures such as scorpions, snakes or spiders (not exhaustive but do not cancel your trip so far!)

Tablet for disinfecting water or if the preferred mode of tea or soda. Do not forget to disinfect the water even if it is to brush your teeth, washing vegetables or the body.
And plan to finish a good sunscreen and… The necessary sunglasses!

During the trip
Apply the advice we gave you.
Obey the rules of food hygiene and food cooked advocate.

* After the trip
You are returned with images filled his head and tons of photos!
Depending on where you spent your holiday you suffer the consequences more or less important time difference schedule, it will fade after a few days.
If you return after you have diarrhea, fever or are tired consult your doctor.

The conclusion is that the traveler has to be aware of any health trouble in order to solve it quickly.

Electronic ticket

The electronic ticket is a new trick to travel cheap. Indeed, rather than going into an agency, travelers can buy now their tickets by computer.

Buying an electronic ticket is an economical way financially that saves more time in queues at the counters. The tickets, for example, are purchased directly on the Internet and sent to your email address after payment of order.

The flight booking is thus made and you only have to print it to go to the airport in order to fly you to the destination of your choice.

One advantage of e-ticket is its ability to combine several passengers in the same ticket printer. So rather than having three or four tickets when traveling in groups, they need only one.

In order to purchase a cheap electronic ticket, you can use a price comparative for airlines.
Most of times, the charter flights are the cheapest.

That is why the electronic ticket becomes an essential way to make a booking and travel around the world. Discovering new cities and many other enjoyable landscape.

How Do You Choose The Best Travelling Place to Release Pressure

How do you choose the best travel to release pressure? Many people have been asking themselves this vital question whenever they are making their choice before going for a vacation. The following are some of the tips that you need to use while making your decision of traveling;

First, you need to find out the cost of the Travel destinations before making that ultimate choice of making your decision of visiting this place for your holiday. Why do say this? We have many countries in the world offering the best tourism destinations, making a perfect choice while visiting can sometimes be hard for those people who do not have information. With the many countries, the price should always assist you in making that decision whenever you are choosing some of the best places available in the world. When you do your research, you will always be in the best position to identify some of the best place that you can use while reducing on the cost. Ultimately, this will help you save money that you could otherwise spend when touring these countries or places.

The reputation of the countries offering Travel destinations is also vital when you are planning of making a visit. You have to make sure that you make the best decision if you are thinking about making the best decision of visiting these places during your holiday. How do you check for reputation? Through the Tourism news from the people, you will have to make sure that you buy the best places that are available for you during your journey since this will always help you make that ultimate decision. As a special tip, never buy these Travel destinations from those countries that have compromised reputation in the world since this will always affect the quality of comfort and fun that they will be selling for you. This process in the past has helped many people make informed choices when compared to the earlier days when the process of finding the best tourist destinations was hard.

For those people who may have problems choosing the best destinations, the use of tourism agents can be one of the options that you can use if you are thinking about making that decision in the market. They will always give you advice not only on how to make a decision and this that you should expect once you make your choice. Remember that most of them often have experience needed whenever you are making ultimate decision of traveling to a place. Ultimately, with their help, you will always be in the best decision to make an informed choice before traveling.

You should also make sure that you do your research on the internet if you are thinking on making an informed choice on places to visit for tourism purposes. In the internet, you will always ensure that you make the best choice if you want save money when buying after using the best information on webs or choice other e cig store that is available online. In conclusion, the above tips will definitely help you make the best choice before deciding on the best tourism destination in the market.

Short guide for Travel Health Insurance

Short guide for Travel Health Insurance
Short guide for Travel Health Insurance

If you are heading abroad then don’t forget to arrange your travel health insurance before you go.

Whether you are simply going away on a short trip for a few days or planning an extended stay overseas, it is vital that you have a suitable travel health insurance plan tucked into your baggage just in case.

Nobody wants to be sick and, thankfully, most of us are reasonably fit and well and have enjoyed many holidays abroad without ever having a problem. But we probably all know people who have not been so lucky and also know that it is only a matter of time before we run into a problem ourselves.

Most countries today have reasonably good healthcare facilities and, indeed, many have facilities that are even better than we enjoy at home. But care is rarely free of charge and often comes at a very hefty price, for even relatively mild complaints.

For example, on a recent trip to the Far East I was unlucky enough to contract food poisoning after a lovely evening out at a local seafood restaurant. Now, fortunately, I recovered quite quickly but I did nonetheless need to be taken to the local hospital in the middle of the night by ambulance and spent that night and the following night in the hospital. The care I received was excellent but the bill was very high. It was at that point that I was very happy that I had taken the trouble to arrange travel health insurance before my departure for the trip.

In most cases the really stupid thing is that arranging cover couldn’t be easier, is not all that expensive and can give you considerable peace of mind. If you would life a free quotation then simply pop your zip code into the box above, indicate whether or not you are currently insured and how many people you are seeking cover for and click on the “I’m Ready To Continue” button.