Cold Calgary and first thoughts about the Artist’s Way


It is wicked cold in Calgary right now. We always get short spells like this in early winter. I swear the coldest month of the year is November/December and right now it is -28C with a wind chill. That means that I am stuck in the house with my poor pets who are getting bored. Mia and I missed our early morning walk, we attempted to but had to turn back because it was just too cold for her tootsies. She did her business and then we came home.

I am continuing to work on the Artist’s Way and have been pretty good with keeping up with writing my morning pages but the other exercises I find a little more difficult. We are suppose to think of the three people in our lives who created barriers for our artistic endeavours. Really I couldn’t come up with one, my family was always supportive when we were kids. I remember I wanted to play the guitar and I got one for Christmas and it last a few months and then sat in my closet. I think my biggest barrier is myself and my tendency towards laziness when finishing a project. Not in my work life but definitely in my hobby life. I have knitting sitting unfinished, patterns on my sewing machine, a bag of my drawing attempts. I like to try different things and then I move on. Hum, not a good trait for developing an artistic skill. So I wrote about that in my journals. I may have more answers as to “why” down the path.

One of the other exercises I am suppose to do is think of five creative art lifestyles I would like to have pursued in my life. I can’t think of five but I can think of one. I sort of play the violin and I would always daydream of playing in Loreena McKennitt’s band. I think she is the coolest person I don’t know. She is such an artist and also surrounds her self with quality artists and lives the most interesting life. Many people are not aware that she is Canadian and in fact has a big farm and recording studio in the Ottawa valley. She is extremely popular in Europe and usually does a summer tour in European venue. I would love to see her perform at the Acropolis or Alhambra. One of these days I will follow her to a show. Last year she performed in Istanbul. I have seen her live three times and I could see her live again. I love both her cellist and violinist.

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