How is the food in Vietnam?

How is the food in Vietnam
How is the food in Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is distinguished by its delicacy and lightness. The abundant use of various vegetables and spices makes it a unique culinary flavors. Overview of a kitchen that smells the exotic.

Composition of Vietnamese cuisine

Westerners often confuse the Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine. The latter is however characterized by its finesse, lightness and variety of its dishes. There are nearly 500 Vietnam national dishes! Vietnamese cuisine is characterized by the omnipresence of nuoc mam sauce, fish sauce that gives flavor to its dishes, while Chinese cuisine is rather characterized by the use of soy sauce and oyster.

The Vietnamese cooking also uses a wide variety of herbs such as coriander, basil, raoram the Tiato (kind of mint), or citronella, most often added to dishes to give them a subtle fragrance. Rice and rice noodles make up the base of most dishes.

Vietnamese dishes are generally rich in vegetables. These are preferred crisp and tasty, rather than boiled in water and softened. Vegetables are usually fried, seasoned with garlic or ginger. Leafy vegetables are in turn when they are boiled, thrown into simmering water containing a little oil. Boiling water should be avoided so that the vegetables retain their freshness and green. After being drained, you can include them into salads and season with fish sauce sauce or oyster sauce. You can find many nice pictures about Vietnam food and cuisine in this Fan Page voyage vietnam , nice ressource to check before you go to Vietnam

There is less meat in Vietnamese cuisine as fish or crustaceans. Numerous dishes include the use of shrimp, whether grilled, fritters, in soups, or crushed sugar cane (chao tom). The crab is also very popular in salads or stuffed.

There are many exotic fruits that embellish meals or for desserts or dishes themselves: Khaki, jujube, green dragon, star fruit, longan, mangosteen, sapodilla, corrosoles, rambutans, toffee apples, jackfruit, passion fruit …

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