How to Choose the Best Ski Lessons

How to Choose the Best Ski Lessons
How to Choose the Best Ski Lessons

If you are a beginner to skiing most resorts offer lessons with more or less the same program of ski instructor training involved. The classes tend to fill quickly so before you leave for your vacation it’s a good idea to book online. Ski lessons are normally a menu item at a resort’s home page. In addition to being able to book (either via email or through a provided telephone number), you’ll find a description of what you will learn and the kind of equipment used.

Before You Book

There are some questions you will want answered before you book. These include:

What Does The Lesson Actually Teach You?

It is important to know what the lesson actually involves. Does it teach you the basics such as turning, stopping and how to control your speed? Obviously these are extremely important ski techniques to learn in order to control your movement on the slopes and to avoid serious injury.

Check That You Are in the Right Age Group

If you are booking the lesson for yourself, the last thing you want to do is wind up with the wrong age group. For example, if you are a 40 year old adult, you do not want to book your lesson with the 15-17 age groups. Likewise, if you are booking a skiing lesson for your child, you don’t want them in with the adults. So always be clear what age group you are booking with and double check that there are no mistakes.

Private v. Group Lessons

It is always worth thinking about whether you would be more comfortable learning with a group of people or if a private lesson is more your style. Group lesson can enable you to meet people but some people are simply too embarrassed to learn in front of other people. Consider your personal comfort level and don’t ignore it. You need to understand the skiing basics no matter how you can best absorb the information. You’ll find other ways to meet people if group lessons just aren’t your thing.

What Are Then Costs Involved?

Be clear about the cost of lessons. Private instruction will cost more but sometimes if you book online and well in advance you can find discounted prices.

Is There Any Equipment Included With The Lesson?

If you do not own your own equipment, it is essential that you find a lesson which includes the use of their equipment. The equipment you will need includes ski boots, skis, poles and a helmet. If equipment is not provided with the lesson, investigate what rental sources are available through the resort.

How Long Do The Lessons Take?

How long are the lessons exactly? Do you need to set aside a morning or a day? You need to know so that you can take time out of your schedule.

Are The Instructors Certified?

The last thing you want when you go to a skiing lesson is to have somebody teaching you who haven’t really got a clue what they are doing themselves. All skiing instructors should have a ski instructor certification and you should be able to see documentation to that effect.

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