Mia – finally arrived in Canada to her forever home.


I am sitting at the computer with a beautiful red-head at my feet. Mia arrived on Thursday night to her new home with me. I was a little nervous about receiving her as I had not met her “in person” so to speak. I was in contact with two of her three foster Mom’s who had cared for her over the past year and they told me everything they could about her, so I was pretty sure of my choice but still – a change in my lifestyle and also a change for Mia and Sadie, my cat.

The worry was all for nought as Mia is a beautiful dog, both inside and out with a sweet, open-hearted nature and loving disposition. She is always wagging her tail and has a smile on her face. I fell in love pretty quickly and now am so happy I didn’t let my worries stop me from adopting beautiful Mia. I should let you know that the Mia means Missing In Action as she is a rascal and in 2 days has wiggled out of her harness and leash. Luckily, the last time, my bossy voice stopped her in her tracks as I yelled ‘STOP’ as she merrily ran down the street. My worst nightmare come true. I have another harness that will be substituted as soon as I figure out how to get the contraption on her.

She follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom but I noticed today she sat apart from me downstairs in the living room as I was reading my emails on my Ipad. I think with time and security she will become independent as she does have a stubborn nature if you want her to do something that she doesn’t want to do.

Poor Sadie has had to make some adjustments to her new roommate but I think with time, she will become more accepting. Mia is very good with her and is curious and looks at her but doesn’t approach or chase her. I think Mia just wants to be friends and that includes a sniff but Sadie will “have none of that”. Today I noticed that Sadie has calmed down and came down to her room for her breakfast and litter box as long as Mia kept her distance. We all have to make some adjustments but I love having animals in my house. It makes a home so cosy.

Mia doesn’t bark, she is really quiet but if someone comes to the door, there is a warning bark and she looks at me as if to say – is it OK? I just renewed my security system but am thinking “what for” with Mia now guarding the entrances. As soon as I tell her “No Mia” she stops and realized the people are OK and wags her tail at her new friends.

There will be more coming on the addition to my home but for now, it feels perfect having a dog at my feet, a coffee at my side and a fireplace going in the room. I feel peaceful and happy!

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