Short guide for Travel Health Insurance

Short guide for Travel Health Insurance
Short guide for Travel Health Insurance

If you are heading abroad then don’t forget to arrange your travel health insurance before you go.

Whether you are simply going away on a short trip for a few days or planning an extended stay overseas, it is vital that you have a suitable travel health insurance plan tucked into your baggage just in case.

Nobody wants to be sick and, thankfully, most of us are reasonably fit and well and have enjoyed many holidays abroad without ever having a problem. But we probably all know people who have not been so lucky and also know that it is only a matter of time before we run into a problem ourselves.

Most countries today have reasonably good healthcare facilities and, indeed, many have facilities that are even better than we enjoy at home. But care is rarely free of charge and often comes at a very hefty price, for even relatively mild complaints.

For example, on a recent trip to the Far East I was unlucky enough to contract food poisoning after a lovely evening out at a local seafood restaurant. Now, fortunately, I recovered quite quickly but I did nonetheless need to be taken to the local hospital in the middle of the night by ambulance and spent that night and the following night in the hospital. The care I received was excellent but the bill was very high. It was at that point that I was very happy that I had taken the trouble to arrange travel health insurance before my departure for the trip.

In most cases the really stupid thing is that arranging cover couldn’t be easier, is not all that expensive and can give you considerable peace of mind. If you would life a free quotation then simply pop your zip code into the box above, indicate whether or not you are currently insured and how many people you are seeking cover for and click on the “I’m Ready To Continue” button.

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