International health

636752_1378852492.7927_wlDone! After you saved your money, you’ve booked your ticket to escape the monotony of your city!But before you go to your first safari with your latest digital camera or make personal Beijing Express must take some precautions to prevent turista.

*Preparation of a travel

Before the trip, it is very important to be updated at your vaccinations before the big day against these following:
– Polio
– Tetanus
– Hepatitis B
You’ve finally found your health record to a cupboard and you’re awesome day but do not claim your victory too soon, know that there is also a vaccination against specific destinations!
• Yellow fever → for African countries
Regarding yellow fever is an injection which is valid for 10 years. We can not vaccinate children under 6 months.
• Typhoid fever → For Eastern
This vaccine, Vi Typhim is valid for 3 years.
• Cholera → South America
The vaccine protects only 50% and is valid only 6 months.
• Méningicoque → Maghreb, Middle East

• Hepatitis A → Asia
The vaccine protects for about 10 years.

• Malaria
Against malaria unfortunately there is no known vaccine to date!
In the case of malaria? Must go to the doctor who will prescribe treatment before leaving! Beware the anti-malarial treatment is started one week before departure and continue for 1 month after the return!

If you have already reached its destination and have the toes fan at the beach do not panic you still use the net with insecticide. The evening will be necessary to put socks and also if possible a long-sleeved pajamas. Finally, use regularly repellents.
Note that these tips are equally valid prescription of a treatment against malaria.

Emergency kit

In your kit you should find:
– Antiseptic for small or large wounds of all kinds
– Anti-diarrheal for water in some countries may be infected by the turista
-Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, aspi-venom in case of bites of bizarre creatures such as scorpions, snakes or spiders (not exhaustive but do not cancel your trip so far!)

Tablet for disinfecting water or if the preferred mode of tea or soda. Do not forget to disinfect the water even if it is to brush your teeth, washing vegetables or the body.
And plan to finish a good sunscreen and… The necessary sunglasses!

During the trip
Apply the advice we gave you.
Obey the rules of food hygiene and food cooked advocate.

* After the trip
You are returned with images filled his head and tons of photos!
Depending on where you spent your holiday you suffer the consequences more or less important time difference schedule, it will fade after a few days.
If you return after you have diarrhea, fever or are tired consult your doctor.

The conclusion is that the traveler has to be aware of any health trouble in order to solve it quickly.