Top Tourist Attractions of Bali

Bali Indonesia, though a tiny island, has a lot to offer to its travellers. The exceptional scenic beauty of this tropical island has fascinated tourists for years. Lofty hills, rice terrace fields, lush rain forest, pristine beach, great volcano – there is no such thing that is missing in Bali , so much to explore, that a short visit is not enough. Here are some of the major Bali attractions that you should not miss during your stay here

Bali Kuta surf
Bali Kuta surf

Kuta: The famous surfing area of Bali, Kuta offers a lot of things to enjoy. If there is one place that will help you to see a lot of the best of this island, it is Kuta. If you are just off the plane, come to this place to get the local flavor.

Ubud: Nestled to the north of Denpasar, this region is home to the Balinese royal family. Situated in the mountains Ubud is extremely beautiful. It will give you the opportunity to see some traditional villages. It’s a different world altogether where you can come close to the unspoiled old culture.

Barat National Park: Are you interested in wild life? Did you ever know that Bali has its own unique leopards? Yes Bali has a rich wildlife. If you don’t visit the Barat National Park, you are sure to miss a lifetime experience.

Kintamani: Once the biggest city of Bali, Kintamani was created by a volcanic crater. Nature lovers would simply hate to leave this place. Surrounded by mountains and jungles Kintamani offers a feel of a lost world. The beaches and hot springs add to the beauty of this place. Great site to spend your time with your beloved ! For more ideas about holiday gateways for couples check this site

Denpasar: If you are wondering, what is the best shopping destination of Bali, the answer is Denpasar. It is the most popular shopping district where you can find good souvenirs, craftworks and the best thing about this place is that you can do some pricing.

Several Bali holiday packages are offered by travel companies these days. No matter which package you choose, make sure these places are included in your package.

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